Dr Madhushree Joshi

Principal, ALC Pune

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित - Law protects those who abide by it, Law is supreme!!. The Law conscious citizens, youth lays down the foundation of a Nation. Principles of Justice, Equality and Solidarity ensure Lawful co-existence for all members of the society. Hence, the professional legal education for the youth and also for those who wish to be responsible and enlightened citizens of a free Nation is desired. Army Law College, in the very first year of its establishment, intends to inscribe hallmarks of higher standards of excellence in the field of Legal education which would be reflective of the Vision 2023. To achieve the set standards alcians bear the responsibility to follow the laid down norms for conduct on and off campus. The code of ALC is an exhaustive dictum and students are expected to read, understand and adhere to
LEX-ALC in ward & spirit. These rules are the basis for their conduct while they are enrolled in the Institute. Negligence and Ignorance of the same is unacceptable and violation of these orders will invite remedial actions to maintain discipline & order. I welcome you to the ALC family and hope that you will act with honour and virtues of discipline and responsibility during the period of your professional training at ALC, Pune.